Information Technology solutions require a wide array of services, from technical implementation to operational enhancement, and business transformation.

Blue Source Group will deliver services such as Server Infrastructure Management, Monitoring System and Reporting, System and Application Architecture Design, Application Development, System Integration, Implementation, and Release Management, Data Management, and Analytics.

Successful implementation delivers values throughout technical implementation, operational enhancements, and business transformation. The three criteria used to measure are directly proportional, which are Value Delivered, Degree of Transformation, and Change Management Rigor.

Transfer existing process and organization into a solution.

  • Technical management plan
  • Architecture principles
  • Infrastructure and configuration management
  • Environment, testing, and deployment strategy

Use solution functionalities to improve operational business processes and practices.

Change the management scope with:

  • Stakeholder and communications
  • Training and user adoption strategy
  • Business and operations readiness test configuration management
  • Skill assessments

Use solution functionalities to position strategic business change.

Change management scope with:

  • Leadership envisioning
  • Culture and behavior realignment
  • Business process reengineering
  • Talent strategy
  • Innovation strategy journey